We wanted to make concrete commitments to reduce our ecological impact in the management of our guest rooms:

  1. Carbon Impact : At the end of 2022, we replaced the oil boiler with a pellet boiler to reduce the House's carbon footprint.
  2. Electricity : since November 2023, the Maison des Etoiles has been equipped with photovoltaic panels to ultimately cover around 80% of the house's needs, including the heated swimming pool.
  3. Charging station : since October 2023, our customers traveling by electric or hybrid vehicle can recharge their vehicle (secure HAGER Witty Start 22 Kw terminal).
  4. Electrosensitivity : All our rooms and our lodge can be individually disconnected from the wiffi manually.
  5. Domestic Hot Water : domestic hot water is produced 100% by evacuated tube solar collectors.
  6. Waste : We carry out selective sorting of our waste: plastic packaging / glasses / and foodstuffs and we provide trash cans for our guests outdoors. We compost all our organic waste on site or are distributed as feed to our chickens.
  7. Water : All our toilets are equipped with water saving systems. L
  8. Lighting : Our lighting is mostly equipped with LED or low consumption bulbs and a large part of the common areas have presence detectors.
  9. Heating : the rooms are all equipped with thermostats and each room has a heating system independent of the central system and the cottage has reversible air conditioning replaced in 2022.
  10. Housekeeping : For stays longer than 3 days, replacement of linen is available on request. The household products used are eco-responsible as far as possible.
  11. The flower garden : We do not use phytosanitary products (herbicides, insecticides) for the maintenance of the garden. We grind our plants to produce compost and the branches are used for fireplaces (pruning hedges, trees and vines). The small, self-contained pond generates local biodiversity, sheltering many insects and amphibians and attracting many butterflies, dragonflies and birds.
  12. Unwanted insects : Indoors, we have installed numerous mosquito nets to prevent the entry of insects into common areas and rooms. We favor the use of manual methods to eliminate certain insects: wasp and fly traps, diffuser of natural repellent products based on pyrethrum, fly swatters.
  13. Bath products: to reduce the use of plastic, we do not offer single-use products in our rooms. Shower and care products are refilled according to our customers' uses (Rituals products packaged in 250ml and 300ml).
  14. Eco gestures : We raise awareness and encourage our customers to take eco-friendly actions and reduce water consumption during their stay at the Maison des Etoiles (sheet available in the welcome booklets for the rooms and the gîte).
  15. Approval : Maison des Etoiles is approved VALEURS GRAND CAUSSE by the Grands Causses Regional Park in Aveyron for its actions in terms of sustainable development. Agreement obtained in July 2022.
  16. Vegetable garden, chicken coop and beehives : since 2024, we feed 9 chickens and a rooster allowing us to significantly reduce our organic waste and collect fresh eggs. Our goals are to eliminate up to 200 kg of waste and collect up to 1,300 eggs per year. The establishment of the vegetable garden makes it possible to introduce a proportion of between 10 and 20% organic vegetables into the dinners served to our guests. Ultimately, the installation of 2 beehives on the property will improve local pollination and produce honey.
  17. Food : we are constantly looking for local products to serve you during our table d'hôte dinners. Poultry, lamb and pork are purchased within a 80 km radius from local farmers. Ingredients such as flour, beers and chocolate are purchased within a radius of less than 50 km from the house.